The Royal Bath

Although this megalith can be named a bath only conditionally, since the designation of this 48-ton granite bowl (made of an integral piece of granite) with a height of almost 2 meters, a depth of more than 1.5 meters and a diameter of more than 5 meters, remains a mystery.

No less a mystery is the technology of creating this monolith: how could Samson Sukhanov create such a perfect cup from a granite block?

During the Great War, the Germans attempted to move the Tsar-bath to Germany, but could not. The bowl was too heavy, no cable could support its weight.

Since then, it still remains, half-forgotten and completely defenseless against the vandals, in the almost completely destroyed Babolovsky Palace for many decades …

People, who are not indifferent to the history of their country, are forced to risk their own lives, in order to admire the grandiose cup, for the wooden rotten beams that hang from the ceiling are ready to break at any moment.

translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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