Slavic Blood

Traditional history and the church taught us that the Tatars are the nomadic hordes of Asians, Mongoloids. However, why is there not a single document from the XIII century in Mongolian, except for the documents (labels) of the Tatar khans … in Slavic (or Old Slavic)?

The Arab historian of the XIII century, Rashid-ad-din (referring to the “full description of the Mongol-Tatars” of 1221, the original of which disappeared in the XIV century in China !!!), wrote that all the representatives of the Borzhigins clan, to whom Baty Khan and his grandfather Genghis Khan belonged, were very tall, with long beards, blonde hair and blue eyes (not a very “modern Mongol” description). Genghis Khan belonged to the kin of Nirun. The ancestors of the “Niruns” were Dinlins – this is how the “Chinese” called the Huns. What turns out, Genghis Khan was not a Mongoloid?! All these contradictions were explained by geneticists.

Thanks to modern discoveries in the field of archeology and genetics, it was established that the past of nations is intentionally distorted! We are deliberately lied to about the fact that we were all supposedly mixed long ago and that we allegedly had a Tatar-Mongol “invasion” of the Asians. However, thanks to modern genetic diagnostics, “the DNA tests of the Mongols taken from most of the graves of the soldiers of Genghis Khan showed that they were all of the Slavic race and it is impossible to disprove this scientific fact,” said the doctor of biological sciences, professor of biochemistry at Kazan University, Farida Alimova (with many others).

This means that there was no Asian (Mongol) Horde, there were no mixes of Slavs with Asians (Orientals in this case, since true Asians were Slavs). Modern Tatars are not descendants of the ancient Tatars. They came to this land much later. In ancient times, the Tatars were the Slavs, who lived beyond the Ural mountains. The word itself comes from “Tata” (Ancestor) + “Aria” (Aryan) = Tatars, i.e. Ancestors of the Aryans. This was also confirmed by the largest international studies of the genetics of the Slavic people, in which 8 research institutes from the United Kingdom (University of Cambridge), Estonia (Estonian Biocentre), Russia (Academy of Medical Sciences) took part.

The results of this research are published in the American Journal of Human Genetics 2008. Once and for all, the myths have been refuted that “there are no longer pure Slavs”. Scientists have found that “there are no admixtures of Asians (Orientals) and Finno-Finns in the genetics of the Slavic people. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people with a single, distinct, special genotype.” The faith and traditions of the ancient Slavs ruled out any mixing with the outlanders. And women who were assaulted and raped during attacks, were never allowed to marry. It has reached modern day in proverbs (sayings), and in some places in the countryside, the concepts of “spoiled maiden”, “learn the pedigree to the 7th generation”, etc. still exist.

And only in the modern times of the domination of the ideologies of globalization and intermarriage, some of the Slavs, neglecting the ancient traditions, mixed with their neighbors and are no longer genetically Slavs.

That is why on all the ancient images of Tatars, Tatars have Slavic facial features. For example, on the tomb of Henry II the Pious, the inscription reads: “The Tatar figure under the feet of Henry II, placed on the grave in Breslau of this prince, who was killed in the battle with the Tatars at Lygnits on April 9, 1241”.

But this “Tatar” has a completely Slavic appearance and clothes. In the drawings of Marco Polo (1254-1324), which he drew during a visit to China, all residents of Great Tartaria have Slavic facial features! Tamerlan himself was depicted not as a “narrow-eyed Oriental rules”, but as a Slav.

Mamai, Baty (Baty Khan or Batu Khan) on all the ancient prints are also depicted as Slavs. And only in later documents they are depicted as Orientals, such as, for example, the portrait of Genghis Khan in “China”.

Scientists have determined the far boundaries of the habitat of our Ancestors. Slavs originally lived throughout the whole of modern Russia, Europe, the Middle East, India, Iran, North America and China: “an analysis of the bone remains found in burials in Altai and Arkaim of the 2nd millennium BCE showed that they belong to the Slavic genotype.

The indisputable evidence that it is the Slavs who are the indigenous people of Asia and North China are the Tarim mummies – the mummified relics of Slavs-Aryans of the 2nd millennium BCE found in Xinjiang Uygur region of China. So the campaign of Ermak over the Urals was the legal return of the lost territories.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1771, it is written that “Great Tartary, it used to be called Scythia … is the largest country in the world, which includes Siberia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and most of North America.”


In the article of E.O. Manoylova “Methods of distinguishing races by blood” (Journal of Medical Business, 1925) it is stated:

“For us it is undoubtedly clear that in the presence of hormones characterizing one or another gender, by analogy, there must be, respectively, something specifically national in the blood of various peoples of humanity.

This specific substance gives the imprint of a given people and serves to distinguish one people from another.

And if so, the unknown substance in the blood must somehow be detected.

After much research, we were able to find a reaction that gives an answer to the questions just raised, and makes it possible to detect a racial difference in blood.In view of the fact that the Jewish people have relatively few impurities, for many reasons, we chose, on the one hand, Jews, on the other hand, Russians (Slavs).Both Jews and Russians (Slavs) were studied in detail by descent from their ancestors, and only those Russians (Slavs) were chosen from whom three of the ancestors on the paternal and maternal lines were real Russians (Slavs), that is, not only by religion.The blood was taken from the cubital vein and the same day the reaction was performed.From 1923 to March 1, 1925, we studied 1362 people, of whom 380 were Jews, 982 were Russian (Slavic).

By the end of 1923, by the use of reagents we could already distinguish Jews from Russians (Slavs) by blood.Wishing to test our experiments and, mainly, their results, we appealed to some scientific institutions and people with a request to deliver us Jewish and Russian (Slavic) blood under the above conditions.And it was imperative that only the number be marked on the test tubes, without a surname and without the designation of race.Our request was promptly responded to, for what we are sincerely thankful to all.In total, 202 samples were obtained and investigated from the indicated institutions and persons.The following reagents are needed for this reaction

1) 1% alcohol solution of methylene blue;

2) 1% alcohol solution of cresyl violet;

3) 1.5% silver nitrate;

4) 40% hydrochloric acid;

5) 1% solution of potassium permanganate.

The reaction is as follows:to 3 cu. cm. of unheated emulsion of red balls (blood cells) 3-5%, or you can directly in a clot, add 3-4 times more volume of saline by volume and stir with a glass rod to get a not quite thick emulsion.Add one drop of the first kind of reagent, shake, then add 5 drops of the second reagent, shake again, then 3 drops of the third reagent, shake, 1 drop of the fourth and 3-8 drops of the fifth reagent.

The result will be correct if the test tube with the Jewish blood has a paler liquid than the Russian (Slavic) one.The coloring of a cresyl violet in Jewish blood will either almost completely disappear, or remain blue to a blue-green hue, while in Russian (Slavic) it will remain part of the cresyl violet coloring undissolved; usually turns out blue-reddish coloring.We consider it necessary to make the following reservation:a clear result depends solely on good colorings.As we have already mentioned, our experiments were mainly carried out with Jewish and Russian (Slavic) blood.Along the way, we explored other peoples:Germans, Chinese, Estonians, Finns, Poles, Armenians, etc.There is an opportunity to distinguish other nations in this way, but we don’t have enough material to speak with such positivity as we speak of Jewish and the Russian (Slavic) peoples.

Next, we examined the blood of people who descended from mixed marriages, namely:12 cases – Russian father, Jewish mother; 8 cases – Russian father, Finn mother; 23 cases – Russian father, German mother; 2 cases – Russian father, Tatar mother; 2 cases – Russian father, Armenian mother.

Based on this material, we can only note that in mixed marriages in children who had a Russian father, and the mother – a Jewish woman or an Armenian woman – the oxidative process is stronger than that of purely Russian (Slavic), and the reaction may give the wrong answer; in the same place where the father is Russian (Slavic or Aryan), and the mother is German (Slavic or Aryan), Finn (Slavic or Aryan), or Tatar (Slavic or Aryan), the oxidation process proceeded more slowly and therefore the reaction differs little from that of the purely Russian (Slavic or Aryan … duh!!!).

Based on the above, we can draw the following conclusions


2.The oxidative process in Jewish blood proceeds faster than in Russian.

In forensic studies, this reaction should give well-known indications; in mixed marriages, the reaction in our material gives indications about the influence of one or another peoples.”

The discoveries of scientists forever disproved the myth that supposedly all people come from one ancestor. And indeed, if the Slavs and the Blacks have one ancestor, then why are we all so different? Despite the fact that all people have blood that on first look appears to be the same, there are still 4 blood groups, still rhesus. Official science explained this difference by habitat, climate, and other factors.

For example, blacks have black skin color because they live in Africa, in the tropics. However, no matter for how many thousands of years whites lived in Africa and Asia, for some reason they did not become either blacks or narrow-eyed like the Mongoloids. In addition, during the drilling operations in the Arctic Ocean, carried out by geological exploration expeditions, the oil companies British Petroleum and Gazprom discovered a huge amount of remains of tropical plants and animals.

Thus, scientists have proved that even 13 thousand years ago, before the worldwide catastrophe, the tropical climate for millions of years was not in Africa, but here in the North. It appears that blacks have such an appearance not at all because they live in the tropics of Africa.

It remains to be surprised how foreign religions (Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) brainwashed white people, forcing them to believe that supposedly all of humanity came from one of their “Adams”. By the way, reading their Bible, we never even paid attention to the fact that their “Adam” was not born, but “it” was created from dust, that is, created artificially, and “Eve” was made of a rib, to put it in modern language – cloned!


Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir


    • Hi Carollynn,

      Since all DNA testing labs provide Ancestry geographically based and not race based, I wouldn’t really recommend any of them. Cause all DNA results are based on the notion that “a mouse born in a stable is a horse”. There needs to be a lab that will provide results based on race: white, black, jewish, oriental, native american, etc.


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